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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is an upcoming field that deals with restoration or alteration of the human body through an operation that is performed by the plastic surgeon or relevant expert in the field.

While plastic surgeons have soft tissue and limb surgeries to deal with on an everyday basis, emergency surgeons have the work of rectifying complicated wounds as well as the procedures required after other surgeries. These include complicated treatments such as those done by surgical oncologists, ENT surgeons and other maxillofacial surgeons such as radiation, chemotherapy, surgical procedures etc that can leave the person disfigured facially or in other ways.

Plastic surgeons do a variety of cosmetic surgery procedures involving the human body such as skin grafts that includes taking a skin patch from a donor site and implanting it to cover a damaged area; tissue expansion which is a way to grow extra skin by pulling wide the tissue surrounding it; flap surgery is a procedure that helps implant living tissue from one body part to another; microsurgery to join small arteries to restore essentially required blood supply or scar management in case of burn patients restoring their distorted lives to normal. They also do tissue implantation by removing tissue from the body and re-implanting it.

                                                                          Plastic And Cosmetic Surgery


Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery though closely related as specialties are, however, two different things. Whereas, cosmetic surgery focuses on improving appearance and is done on all areas of the head, neck, and body, it is also practiced by plastic surgeons and includes procedures such as breast enhancement like augmentation, lift or reduction; facial contouring of the nose, chin or cheek; facial rejuvenation such as facelift, neck lift, eyelid lift or brow lift; body contouring such as tummy tuck, liposuction, gynecomastia treatment; skin rejuvenation including laser resurfacing, botox, filler treatments etc. Plastic Surgery, on the other hand, deals with the reconstruction of facial and body defects to repair a normal function and appearance thereby correcting defects arising due to birth disorders, trauma, burns, and disease.

Though plastic surgeons do cosmetic surgery additionally, the primary objective of their field remains confined to reconstructive plastic surgery. Plastic Surgery Procedures include breast reconstruction; congenital defect repair including cleft palate, extremity defect repair; burn repair surgery; lower extremity reconstruction, hand surgery, scar revision surgery.

Grecian Hospital, Mohali includes various facilities of these cosmetic surgery such as hair transplant, laser hair removal, wrinkle treatment, cosmetic procedures (nose, lip job & abdominoplasty), burn and wounds therapy treatment, scar revision, keloid, removal of moles, diabetic foot, bed sores, hand surgery, oncopasty, breast reduction, fat removal (liposuction), cleft & palates, botox, clubfoot etc. Dr. Navjot Singh is a plastic surgeon with Grecian Hospital and has treated various cases of plastic and reconstructive surgery.

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