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Dental problems are a common problem nowadays owing to decay, injury or periodontal disease despite the evolution in dental health care. Earlier, the treatment alternatives were limited to bridges and dentures for people having their teeth missing etc. However, nowadays dental implants exist that replace the roots of the tooth and form a firm foundation to accommodate the permanent or removable teeth that will form the replacements for your natural denture. The dental implants are beneficial in many ways such as improving appearance which give you both the feel and look of your own teeth and as they merge with the jaw bone below your gums, they get permanent.

Unlike teeth that slip inside your mouth itself or dentures with poor fitting that cause mumbling or difficulty speaking, dental implants help you pronounce correctly as well as give you the convenience of not having to remove teeth and wear them again. They erase any difficulties that you would encounter during eating with removable dentures; make you feel good about yourself; giving you sound oral health and durability for the future; rid you of the headache of having to manage removable and messy dentures. Though implant longevity differs depending on the position of the implant, they can last for the entire life in successful cases.

Usually, any healthy person who has normal gums and bone structure has the capacity for regular dental removal and then oral surgery. Besides this, the patient should be maintaining a healthy oral routine and should regularly consult the dentist. People who smoke heavily or those suffering from chronic disease like diabetes, heart problems or those undergoing radiation in the head/neck area need individual evaluation. The process of implant begins with a planned process of care depending on the implant selected for your jaw followed by placement of the titanium tooth root implant in the enclosure of the tooth missing in your jaw. After this is done, healing takes 6 to 12 weeks followed by bonding of implant to the jawbone. Then, a connector is attached to the implant for the new tooth covering to fit called a crown that has been replicated to match the size of your original tooth. The crown is made after creating a model of your jaw and arrangement of your teeth within it by making you bite in the clay. In some case, the crown may not be used and the implant may contain support to hold a removable denture. This replacement tooth now functions like your original tooth and the dentist makes sure to make your new teeth look absolutely natural and you can hardly feel any distinction of an implant attached to your jaw.

The process is not very uncomfortable and almost painless when done using local anesthesia. Some people even claim it is less discomforting that even extraction of a tooth. If a little soreness exists after the implant, it can be treated using medication for pain such as Tylenol or Motrin. Dental implants hardly need any special care and can be treated like natural teeth. Regular processes such as brushing, rinsing using mouthwash, flossing as well as dental consultation can be done without any worries.

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