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Diploma in Critical Care Nursing is an advanced Nursing training program meant for RNs and RNRMs. This course is also known by the short name of IDCCN. The main aim of this program is to inculcate and develop critical care nursing skills and knowledge in nursing professionals (RNs and RNRMs). Students (Nursing professionals) are trained to provide nursing services to patients in critical condition (those admitted to the ICU or any other intensive care setup). 

Candidate must be a Nursing professional. Must possess a valid Nursing Degree, such as- B.Sc. Nursing, Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing, GNM, or M.Sc. Nursing (or even higher qualifications related to nursing).
1 Year

Diploma in Critical Care Nursing course’s main aim is to impart advanced nursing skills and knowledge to nursing professionals. Important subjects present in the academic program are related to critical condition management and critical care nursing practice. Some such subjects are- Nursing care in critical care nursing and nursing practice in critical care nursing.

Expected Skill & Knowledge: At the end of the course the students will be able to

  1. Appreciate trends and issues related to Critical Care Nursing
  2. Describe the various drugs used in critical care by nurses. 
  3. Demonstrate advance skills/competence in managing critically ill patients including basic Cardiac Life Support.
  4. Demonstrate skill in handling various equipment used in ICU.
  5. Provide comprehensive care to critically ill patients.
  6. Appreciate team work & coordinate activities related to patient care.
  7. Practice infection control measures.
  8. Practice and manage pain. 
  9. Assist in various diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical bed side procedures
  10. Teach and supervise nurse and allied health workers.
  11. Improve standards for critical care nursing practice.


Pursuing Diploma in Critical Care Nursing course will definitely add more value to a candidate’s CV! After completing the course, one may rise through the ranks and get the role/job post of critical care nurse. Critical Care nursing is much more challenging than normal nursing service. To thrive in that role, one must possess advanced knowledge and skills. That’s why Critical Care nurses are in huge demand. They are usually paid more than nurses offering normal nursing service.

If you are a nursing professional looking to acquire advanced skills, IDCCN course will be of great help to you! The course will help you take on a challenging and rewarding role in intensive care setups.

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