Department of Otolaryngology (ENT) at Grecian Super Speciality Hospital provides comprehensive medical and surgical services and is a leader in care of patients with ear, nose, throat, and head and neck disorders.

Services Offered

We offer all services related to ear nose throat at Grecian Hospital including:
Laryngeal Biopsy
Microlayrngeal Surgery

Mastoid surgeries like-
Epistaxis management
CSF Leak repair


Dr Manika Saluja Parekh
M.S. ENT I.G.M.C Shimla
Fellow Cochlear Implant and Otology
Specialised in Ear Surgeries


Dr Manika Saluja Parekh is an ENT surgeon who has OVER 8 Years experience in this field. She is currently Consultant at GRECIAN Hospital .

She has completed her residency from I.G.M.C Shimla in 2013. Thereafter she has done her senior residency in M.L.N Medical College, Allahabad.

Following a fellowship in otology and cochlear implant training in 2014 in MAA ENT hyderabad where she has done under supervision over 50 cochlear implants and numerous ear surgeries, she has worked in the same institute as a consultant.

Dr Manika is academically inclined as can be seen by her National and International Awards and Publications. She has over 6 INTERNATIONAL publication in indexed journals and has presented several talks in conferences . She has received 2nd place in Alps Award paper in 3rd Annual Advanced Otolaryngology Workshop and best paper in HPAICON IN 2013.

She believes in continously updating her knowledge and skills through numerous workshops and conferences

She is a life Member of Indian Medical Association, Association of otolaryngologists of India, Indian society of otology and Association of otolaryngologists of Hyderabad


Workshops Attended

1. Hands on Cadaveric Dissection Course at PGI, Chandigarh in 2012

2. Hands on Cadaveric Dissection Course ( Temporal bone dissection) at Basavanagudi ENT Care Centre, Bangalore in February 2014

3. RHINOPLASTY WORKSHOP at care hospital banjara hills HYDERABAD- 26,27 JULY 2014

4. 8th hands on Workshop on Phonosurgery thyroplasty and laser hands on course. 1st to 3rd August, 2014. Bombay Hospital & Medical Research Centre

5. 35th workshop on Sinuses ‘n’ Beyond, course director, Prof P. J. Wormald from Australia and D.S. Sethi from Singapore in MAA ENT, HYDERABAD Feb, 2015

6. 40th DCR & Advanced Fess Work Shop in MAA ENT, Hyderabad, 20th, 21st Of June 2015.

7. 37th workshop on Radiology of PNS and temporal bone in MAA ENT Hyderabad on 12th April 2015

8. 38th workshop on research methodology for clinicians in MAA ENT Hyderabad May 2015

9. 39th workshop on otology and temporal bone dissection in MAA ENT Hyderabad May 2015

10. 42nd workshop on advanced sinus surgery and endoscopic sheep nose exploration June 2015 in MAA ENT Hyderabad.

11. 44th workshop on otology and temporal bone dissection August 2015 MAA ENT Hyderabad

12. 47th workshop on otology and temporal bone dissection December 2015 MAA ENT Hyderabad

13. Participated in 2 workshops of coblation assisted surgeries by smith and nephew in MAA ENT Hyderabad in 2015

14. 48th workshop on sialendoscopy February 2015 MAA ENT Hyderabad

15. National Seminar on Implantable Hearing Solutions- February 2016 at Apollo hospital, Hyderabad

16. National Seminar on Implantable Hearing Solutions- February 2017 at Apollo hospital, Hyderabad


Seminars Attended

1. 3rd Annual Advanced Otolaryngology Workshop & UPAOICON, 2013 in Agra

2. HPAOICON, 2013 in Bilaspur

3. NZAOICON, 2012 at S.R.M S. Institute of Medical Sciences, Bareilly

4. ENT UPDATE, 2012 at PGI, Chandigarh


6. ISOCON 2014 at Chennai organised by KKR ENT Institute

7. CIGICON 2015 in SMS Hospital, Jaipur



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