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Discharge Process

"You can go home today", are the best words a patient wants to hear after being in the hospital for quite some time. However, before you actually start walking out the hospital gate, there's a process that needs to be followed at Grecian Hospital before a patient is discharged.

  • The doctor has to write discharge orders in your chart.
  • He has to review all your medications and list what you should be taking at home.
  • The doctor gives the order to the nurse with any prescriptions he wrote.
  • The nurse must call your family doctor or the primary doctor on call and make an appointment for your follow up visit.
  • Any equipment or supplies you may need for home care need to be arranged with an outside agency.
  • Financial arrangements are reviewed and finalized.
  • Transportation is confirmed.
  • Discharge instructions are prepared and printed.
  • You are updated on any delays encountered with the above arrangements.
  • The nurse will review all your discharge instructions with you.
  • The nurse will ask you for your feedback on the discharge plan and discuss any concerns or questions you may have.
  • Your understanding of the instructions will be confirmed.
  • Only after all of the above has been completed, will it be time to head to the car, and even then, it is our policy that we help you all the way to and into your vehicle.

It can take up to two hours to complete the discharge process. We are working with Home Health, pharmacies, medical supply companies, etc., to coordinate activities and ensure your post discharge recovery.