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Cancer today is one of the most prevalent problems among Indians. Rather, India is known to have the third highest number of deaths due to the disease the percentage of which is likely to grow by 25% until 2020. Such alarming results need serious awareness on the disease as annually 6 lac Indian people succumb to cancer.

In India, men usually have oral, lung and throat cancers while breast, cervix and ovarian cancers are the more prevalent cancers among women. The elderly remain more victimized by colon, prostate and kidney cancers and causes of 25 % of the cancers such as leukemia, bone etc are still unknown. The major cases in India remain confined to oral cancers for men due to the consistent use of tobacco and cancer of breast, kidney, and uterus in women owing to genetic and obesity reasons. Though cervical cancer occurs due to personal hygiene, the majority of reasons for all cancers remain tobacco, obesity, and pathogens causing cancer.

As per leading oncologists as well as cancer specialists, India is one of the most economical destinations for cancer treatment. It is almost 500 to 700 % cheaper compared to outside prices and now it is very easy to get the latest medications everywhere owing to globalization. Besides this, India has excellent medical fraternity for oncology and has one of the best treatment equipment and facilities across its hospitals.

The treatment course is dependent on the diagnosis, condition as well as the current stage of the disease. However, the most prevalent forms of best cancer treatment in Chandigarh/Mohali include radiation therapy, chemotherapy, surgery, hormone therapy, targeted therapy, precision medicine, and stem cell transplant or a combination of the above. The more popularly pursued is chemotherapy, radiation therapy as well as surgery. The latest procedures for cancer treatment being practiced in India includes Cyber Knife Surgery that is both noninvasive and pain-free radiation therapy having hardly any side effects at all.

Treatment cost varies depending on the type or stage of cancer as well as on the type of treatment and the hospital you go to. Chemotherapy includes various types such as traditional, cytotoxic or standard whereas Radiation therapy includes Intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT), systematic radiation therapy (SRT) as well as Radioimmunotherapy. The cost varies as per the type of therapy and the number of cycles with the last one being most expensive of all.

Cancer treatment has always been a very expensive affair. However, this burden is eased by some NGOs in India that finance the complete treatment cost for the poor patients and some other hospitals which subsidize cancer treatment for the patients.

Grecian Super Specialty Hospital, Mohali is one of the best hospitals for cancer treatment in North India and has experience of over a decade treating some of the most complicated cases in North India. Dr. Rakesh Kumar Gupta, MD (Radiation Oncology)has experience of more than a decade in radiation oncology and has treated several cases of Head and Neck Cancers, Lung cancers, Breast cancers, Esophagus cancers, Hepatobiliary cancers, Prostate cancers, Cervical cancers, Rectal cancers, Anal Canal cancers, Sarcomas, Brain tumors, Bone metastases etc and has experience in delivering various kinds of radiation treatments to patients like LINAC, IMRT etc.

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